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Book Shelf


Ibride’s aim is to create an emotional connection between the people and their furniture. Ibride products shall make people smile and form harmony. Inspired by nature Ibride products transfer a feeling of freedom. Each of Ibride’s products has its own name, DIVA the ostrich console, OWEN the sheep table, JOE the polar bear, SULTAN the dog stool, ZELDA Sultan’s cousin, and so on. The ostrich console DIVA combines physical presence, the feeling of movement as well as a strong personality. The thinness of the legs and the voluminous body form an interesting contrast and turn DIVA into something very special. Ibride keeps its creativity by being open to the world and by delving into the depths of ones soul.

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Product Description

The company Ibride was established by three ambitious, young artists whose strengths complement one another in a perfect way. The designer Ben, the artistic director Rachel and the editor Carine form the base of this successful company. The idea for Ibride’s establishment originates from the wish, to work in a group that consists of friends and family members and to create extraordinary furniture pieces. Ibride’s products are a mix of graphics and design that tell stories. Unlike universal furniture pieces Ibride products have something personal. Ibride tends with its products to a minority, does not care about actual trends but all the same succeeds in inspiring the people with its products. Small things and feelings of the life, the past, the culture and different travels are the groundwork of Ibride’s design products.


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